Serving infants through Pre-K, it is our goal to teach children the principles of education and also to teach children about a faith based life. We provide a great atmosphere where children can learn more, behave better, and have a higher self-esteem preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond! 

We view every child as a special individual created and loved by God. We direct the development of the “whole child”; intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually; and we facilitate a natural unfolding of each child’s potential.

Therefore, our prime responsibilities are to prepare and implement an environment with a variety of learning experiences through play and planned activities. Also, we are responsible to observe, oversee, encourage, and nurture each child’s individual progress through these experiences.

We recognize parents as the primary teachers and role models for the children, and we strive to offer them guidance, encouragement, and support in nurturing their children to become responsible adults.